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Title: Ilse Witch
Author: Terry Brooks
Publisher: Del Rey

Ilse Witch is a new book in the Shannara series. Finnally Brooks is returning to the world of Shannara. Only one character,Walker Boh a Druid, from previous books is in this series. Kael Elessidil, brother to the current king, went on a expedition thirty years ago to find some legenday magic. No one from that expedition ever returned. Now the Wing Rider Hunter Predd found the body of a elf floating in the waters of the Blue Divide. The elf has a braclet on him that marks him as an Elessedil. Kael had a old undeciperhable map that Hunter brings to the Elf King. Walker Boh is called upon to translate the map. After translating the map Walker finds out that he will need to cross the Blue Divide. Something that no one has done and survivied. Someone else knows of the maps importance that someone that is dark and ruthless the Ilse Witch, a beautiful but twisted woman. Walker must find the magic first before the Ilse Witch does so he can prevent her from using the magic for her own means. Joining Walker on the journey are an elven prince, a Rover girl; a monstrous creature part man, part shapeshifter; and Bek Rowe, who may unwittingly hold the success of the party in his own hands with his magic and his past.

The Ilse Witch is a new book in the Shannara series. It covers land never before seen before. I really like the book. It has a lot of action and some terrible parts where characters die. This book kept me interested the whole way through. I didn't really like the ending, it was very abrupt and didn't resolve one of the major conflicts of the book. Overall I really like the book.