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Title: Jerlayne
Author: Lynn Abbey
Publisher: Daw Books

This book is focused on the trials of an elf named Jerlayne. Jerlayne lives in a elvin world surround by mists(commonly known as the Veil). The elvin world in existing in parrallel with the human world. Male elves are the 'foragers' they go to the mortal world and retrieve whatever goods the elvin community needs. Jerlayne is the youngest daughter of the famous Elmeene, when placed with the task of creating her twenty link chain(a symbol of womanhood) Jerlayne quickly becomes the youngest elf to form a twenty link chain.

The elves have a pact with the goblins in which the elves give the goblins salt in exchange for protection from the Ogres. Helping the goblins in their task to serve the elfs are drwarfs, gnomes, and sirens. All of which are born by elfs giving the Elfin world it varied races. Jerlayne is forced to separate the Veil to discover the truth of the Elvin past.

Even though this book isn't based in the most original world I have ever read the books many unexpected(Women parting the Veil) twists and turns(Goblins?) make it a very good read. I found it very interesting and recommend it to anyone interested in Elves.