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Steven Isaacson

This is my humble home on the wide interweb. This site has a few interesting sections so spend some time looking around. I like to dabble around with web technology and computers in general so this site reflects that. Enjoy!

Version: 1.0
(July 31, 2005)


All pictures are running Debian GNU/Linux. with the FVWM window manager.

This is me coding heavy. I have six terms open all with vim and a nice colorful .rc file. Usually I would also have a term or two open where I run g++ and the program itself

This is a shot with my new configuration. I dumped enlightenment because the code is dead and never being updated. So now I am going old school with fvwm and a nice rc script. With a few nice keybindings this is a really nice window manager, no bloat! Nothing going on here but the usual programs.

All pictures from this point onward the Enlightenment window manager.

I found the coolest feature on Using the viewport feature and two images from nasa I created the coolest effect ever. When a term is positioned over the desktop it shows that area of earth at night. I am also using pab's cool bash scripts to modifiy the title of my Eterm dynamically and for my prompt, with a small mod for the time made by me.

I finally have fonts working correctly. The titles are now readable. I am also running xmms with a cool skin from and listening to a cool new band Intuition.

With my setup it is possible to run both Gnome and KDE apps at the same time. I just have the libs for both installed and just run enlightenment as a wm. The best of both worlds. :)

In this shot I am showing of the crossover plugin. Which enables you to easily run quicktime movies inside any browser. Crossover runs a wine server but you don't even have to have wine installed. It is a simple painless process.

In this shot I have 4 Eterms running with top,iptraf, and bitchx running. I am using Gkrellm with the GkrellAclock, GKrellWeather, Mailwatch, Volume, GKrellMMS, GKrellShoot plugins installed. I also have everybuddy with the cool tabbed chat feature enabled. I also have to borderless, transparent Eterms running tail and logcolorise near the bottom of the screen.

Not much different in this shot just running Grip in addition to my normal apps.

Running four transparent Eterms with top, mutt(a very cool custom .muttrc), vim(custom colorfull .vimrc), GKrellm, and GnomeICQ.