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Steven Isaacson

This is my humble home on the wide interweb. This site has a few interesting sections so spend some time looking around. I like to dabble around with web technology and computers in general so this site reflects that. Enjoy!

Version: 1.0
(July 31, 2005)

This is the personal site of Steven Isaacson.

There have been a few incarnations of this site. First was back in May of 2000 was my Which only lasted for a little while until I moved to my current home of In the fall of 2002 I bought hosting service from which makes it so my webpage is more reliable. Plus it gives me real email and other jazz that free web/email services will never give you. Only now have I finally moved to a dynamic PHP generated backend. This should facilitate more and easier updating. I guess time will tell.

I grew up in small town in west central Minnesota. I graduated from High School in June of 2001. I graduated with a BS in CS from MTU.

I am currently a Software Engineer at IBM